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KFOR to Pristina, Kosovo

The request to accompany Tommy to Kosovo came sooner than I expected, especially as Tommy had already been there with some drivers from Nipress. But as any driver will tell you, new routes can only be learned effectively by doing it on your own.

We left Heston services on Wednesday afternoon and made our way down to the customs clearance facility at Ashford Truck Stop. Paperwork all stamped up, ran down to the train hoping that the queue would soon disperse. As it turned out, it was not too bad a wait and we managed to get halfway across Belgium before we retired to bed.

As the ferry from Ancona had been booked for Saturday, we had plenty of time. In actual fact, because there were now two drivers, we made Ancona very comfortably on Friday afternoon. We had a very nice meal in one of my favourite restaurants in Ancona, which I had used regularly when I used to travel to Greece. It was amazing that most of the old staff was still working there and that they recognised me.


The “Lissos” just leaving the Port of Igoumenitsa, Greece.

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