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Branson, Missouri

Branson Landing

Lake Taneycomo - Ozarks and Branson Landing

Still time left to make a visit to Branson in Missouri, which if you are not aware is the new country capital of America. All the big name stars have opened up their own theatres there. I believe that there are about seventy theatres along the main strip in Branson, together with the usual chains of hotels and restaurants. This part of Missouri is in the Ozarks and the scenery is quite magnificent. If you are a Country Music Fan then an effort to make a visit will not disappoint.

Once back at our villa in Florida I made a journey to the nearest truck stop in order to pick up one of the many free publications on display, which give pages upon pages of companies looking for drivers. The first company I phoned immediately bit my arm off and asked when could I be there. (There) being Oklahoma City). I replied that I was on holiday until the 1st November 97 and that I would then be flying back to UK from Orlando.

This was not a problem, they just said – “When you get to Orlando Airport, go to the United Airlines desk and pick up a ticket for Oklahoma City, which will be made out in your name. We are sorry, but the flight is routed through Chicago (O’Hare). On arrival at OKC get a taxi to the Holiday Inn on Meridian Parkway. On booking in you will be given a folder containing some relevant paperwork, which we would like you to study over the weekend. You will be collected 0700 hrs from the hotel and brought to Orientation”.

Wow! It all seemed to be falling into place nicely.

“Church Street Station” - Orlando - Florida

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