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SFOR to Bosnia-Herzegovina

I met Tommy at Heston Services on the M4 on Sunday 3rd February 2001. It was going to be his first trip to Bosnia and suggested that I might tag along to show him the ropes.

It was raining as we pulled out of the service area and as it happened, did so for the next two days. Our first stop was at the "Ashford Truck Clearance Facility" in Ashford Truck Stop to do customs. Then made our way to the train for Calais. As Tommy had started work at Bicester we were only going to make Luxembourg for the night. This was our designated fuel stop, but in my opinion with only having one small tank I did not feel the extra mileage to get the cheap fuel was cost effective.

Monday morning dawned with it still raining and Tommy drove to Heilbronn, where I took over and pushed on to the Slovenian side of the Karawanken Tunnel where we parked up for the night. Prepared the usual camion stew and then went to bed.


Approaching the “Karawanken Tunnel” at the Austria/Slovenia Border


Llubljana in Slovenia


Landscape in northern Slovenia between the border and Llubljana


At a service area just south of Zagreb in Croatia.

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